All images drawn and colored by my daughter--commentary by the artist herself!

A humble sketch of Elsa from Frozen done in ballpoint pen and then colored on my digital program of choice, Paint Tool Sai. I'm pretty sure she styles her hair with her ice powers, at least if you look real closely (I might just be making that up).

PHEW, this was a lot of work. Drawing it and inking it was an absolute joy, but whenever I get to the coloring stage on anything suddenly the work becomes a real chore. I think it's because I usually like to draw/ink on paper, and when I'm working on a computer I get distracted easily. Anyway, lazy coloring on this, but hey - it's done~!

This meme is supposed to be for original characters, but in my own personal headcanon this is what Kingdom Hearts really looks like: less brooding teenagers, more of the king and queen rocking it as an adventurous married couple who travel the universe together. I would have drawn all these eventually, but the meme provided a wonderful, colorful template. I didn't feel like drawing Mickey and Minnie as lions for moral reasons and matters of taste, and so I went the Lion King on Broadway route.

A popular trend right now is taking a screencap of a favorite show or movie and redrawing it in your own style, and Sailor Moon is one of the more popular choices. Sailor Moon of course means the world to me, and this was an incredibly fun exercise that I would love to explore further in the future. Sailor Moon is also responsible for why I grew up drawing wonky anatomy...

Beauty and the Beast is one of my top three favorite Disney films, if not the favorite (if my obsession with it as a child is an indication). Belle's my Disney princess (although Mulan is a strong contender for my heart) and the Beast is rad. It's about time I did a for-real tribute.

This was just a little spark of an idea I had during a shopping trip and it exploded all on its own, as most of my pictures do whether I like it or not. It's suuuuuper busy I fear because I didn't separate Lagoona from the background much, but ugh, I don't care. Right now I like the ridiculously garish colors.

For those of you who are not aware, Lagoona Blue is from Monster High and she is a lovely sea monster. She is also my favorite of the cast.

"Am I th' only one who's noticed half th' ship's on fire, our fuel is low, an' that th' vendin' machine in th' break room is eating quarters again!!?!?!?"

Haha, here is something incredibly sloppy, fast, and lazy for ya. I drew Mickey, Minnie, and Horace in the summer when I randomly thought of Star Trek, and then a couple of days ago I randomly opened up the file and suddenly I was sketching the rest super fast, and then doing the inking and the coloring also super fast and lazy between other things. That is why I've run it through filter hell. Just the usual! I didn't want to dwell on this for too long since it wasn't really on my list of things to do.

In this the gang aren't supposed to represent specific characters from any Star Trek crew. They are just themselves being on their own ship and doing their own thing. Mickey's Captain, Minnie's the doctor, Goofy's the first officer (probably specializes in bizarre, obscure alien behaviors and rituals), Donald's the pilot, Daisy's navigator, Clarabelle's the communications officer (who abuses this power to gossip across space), Horace is the chief engineer, and Pluto is head of security (which is why he is eying those multiplying tribbles in the corner with caution). Yeah, they don't really look like tribbles. I imagine Goofy, even after so many voyages, still doesn't understand how to set his phaser to stun. You'll shoot your eye out, kid.

Oh, Mickey. I'm sure you're a great captain. When Minnie's not around. And idk, I kind of like the idea that Donald flirts by being a prankster some of the time. Basically he is either mentally in the seventh grade when it comes to courtship, or is an all out wolf. No in between. Daisy loves both.

Heh, so yes. Just a gag picture, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain all of the mistaaaakes and the lack of shading.