Welcome Oceanography Students

Hello and welcome to Oceanography,

A few notes as we get started,

  • Review the course schedule found in the syllabus.
  • It is beneficial to create a folder on your computer to store all of your work for the class. This will help you stay organized.
  • Attend the Welcome Session which will be announced soon.
  • Explore the course site.
  • Remember to ask questions.

Other Helpful Information

The Oceanography course has labs that students will need to gather materials for. Please review the list below to ensure that you will be prepared for labs.

Lab Supplies: aluminum foil, pennies, salt, potting soil, coffee filter, paper cup, metric ruler, black paper, potato, salt, large glass bowl, measuring cup, measuring spoons, plastic drink bottle, pen lid, waterproof modeling clay, ice, blue food coloring, clear straw, 3 speed electrical fan, gooseneck lamp, clock, rectangular clear plastic storage box.

Please notify me before the lab’s due date if you are unable to gather all of the materials for a particular lab.

Other helpful links:

How to access your GaVS email

Brightspace Help Video

You can also visit the Student Notebook to learn more about O365 and other resources.

Work hard, study, and you will all do great this semester.

Mrs. Zimmerman