Natalie Balbuena


Social behavior is part life.  You have your social groups that keep to themselves and then you have the social group that cause drama everywhere they turn.  In my social life, I keep to myself, unless they're are people who I really hate that I just want to rip them apart.  People may think I'm this quiet girl who is just sweet to everyone, but I'm not.  Really, I'm not.  I can have my bad days, and when I have my bad days, but I can keep that under control-- most of the time.  Then you got people in groups who still act like they're in 3rd grade again.  Like come on, you're a senior in high school and you still want to make animal noises at lunch?  There's times when I had to shout across the cafeteria room to tell a table to shut up, it's childish. Just recently, there's this table in my lunch hour who just make noises and just laugh so loud, and they even scream to the point where I told them to shut up. But we have to understand that everyone has a type of behavior they have in the real world, but there's an extent to how far you can go until people start to say things about you or your friends or your little group of friends.  And me, I just don't care about the opinion of others, and I'm OK with being judged.