Comoros, Africa

Water is important because they get there all there food. Without water, Comoros would have to have food shipped from the main island. The food would have to be shiped by airplane because there would be no water

The capital of Comoros is Moroni. The population is 766,865. The square mile is 863 miles.


In comoros, In public, Men dress in suites and women dress in western style dress that are very color full. They also some times where a shawl which can also be used as a headscarf.

Flag and language

Comoros, is Arabic and French Language


People in Comoros, usually eat rice with fish or meat sauce. For protein, they usually eat tuna, Barracuda,wahoo, and red snapper

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Comoros music includes the Mosque. Gongs, tambourines, and five-stringed lutes.


Rumania is a Comoros holiday. On Rumania people don't just sit and drink they do fun activities with eating.

On islamic new year, People pray early in the morning.

On Lunar New Year , is celebrated by student and religious school.

On labor day, It is also celebrated by students and religious school but with there parents .


People arived in comoros in the 13th centuray

Government and economy

The presedent has to change every four years. Majority of the time the people feel like the goverment doesn't do enough to repersent the country. People feel that the government should be responsible for providing material. some people are upset at the government because they can not maintain the economic effectors that affect most people,resulting in high market prices and transportation.

In 2014,Ikililou Dhoinine was chosen president

Culture customs

People don't usually date. The average age for men to get married is around 30 and women between 22 and 25. If the family approves the groom and bride will have only a few people from each side of their family.


In comoros the island’s has few roads. They usually have pickups or minibuses. To get to the main part of africa they use a ferry

School and education

It is becoming more common in  camrose that more children are going to schools. But majority of them are learning religious beliefs

Thing you might like and thing you will not like

Something you might like is that every country in Comoros has a nation level soccer team. Soccer is the most important sport in comoros

Something that you might not like is there are no movie theaters,But most huts have a movie  hut where you can get in  for a little fee.

A place to visit

a place to visit is Mount Karthala


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