"The One"
Perfect Mate Project

"You come to love not by finding by the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly" -Sam Keen

Relationship Goals

My Ideal Mate Would...

be a gamer.

By far one of the most important characteristic to me when finding "The One"  would that she would have to be a gamer. To me gaming couples tend to be more relaxed and communicate more while enjoying their favorite game together.

Have a great sense of humor.

What's better than having a girl with a sense of humor? Someone who cracks a joke at some of the most awkward times to break the silence and someone who will make my laugh for hours and possibly kill me.

They would be Intelligent.

For me I would really like to have a very intelligent person by my side every step of the way so they can correct the mistakes I make. As well as someone who's very good at math in the real world.

She would have to be athletic.

I want "The One" to wake up every morning with me to start the day off right with a nice morning jog, come back home, eat breakfast, then go outside to play any sport of her choice. Being athletic not only means you get to communicate with her while exercising but also having fun.

Lastly, eat everything with me!

"The One" would be someone who wouldn't want to go to a fancy place every single day just to eat. She will be fine with just fast food or pizza and watching movies all day. Of course she would always have to be in the mood to try new things and never be afraid to try.

Parent's Ideal Mate would be...

Able to raise a beautiful family.

"The One" should be able to raise a wonderful family and have no issue at all. Communication is key therefore communicating throughout the family is what would make her special and be perfect.

Have a well paying job.

In case of any unfortunate situation happens "The One" should always be there to help the family with money issues. As well as having an education can determine what type of job you have which is why "The One" should be smart and have an amazing job.

Well educated.

Receiving a very well education can improve the choices you have in your job which is very helpful when it comes to money. Education is very important especially at an early stage by going to college and receiving a degree.

Fun to be with.

"The One" should not only be part of the family but also a friend to everyone. Wherever she goes she will be okay with whether it's family, friends, or co-workers.

Finally, she must be religious.

"The One" must be religious and be married by the church just like our family. Go to church as a family of there own one day every week on sundays. As well as help their children become religious.

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