The amazing swimmer

Biography, Madison H. Koester

28 year old, Michael Phelps with his 8 gold medals.


The crowd goes wild for the swimmer who just set another world record.

His name is Michael Phelps the most decorated athlete in the world.

This guy has won 15 gold medals 1 bronze and 2 silver. I will tech you about this amazing swimmer. I will tell you about his childhood, accomplishments, a


11 year old Michaael phelps

When Michael Phelps was born right away he was crazy. This child got into everything from breakable stuff to non breakable.

Michael had a rough childhood he got sick when he was two eh had a viral infection.

Then when he was three he went to feed his dog. His dog though he was a rag doll and broke skin in several places on Michael.


One of Michael Phelps best accomplishments was when he won 8 gold medals in his first Olympics. It was the best anyone had done in 5 years. He set this goal goal when he found out someone had won 5 he wanted to be the best.

His first event he swam at the Olympics was the 400 medley he had set his first world record with a time of 4:08.26.

why he's famous

Michael Phelps is famous for Swimming. He has won so many Gold medals he won 22 gold medals 2 silver medals and 1 bronze. Michael Phelps has broken 29 and set 39. Michael has a total of 71 medals.

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