Definition of 'Inflation' The rate at which the general level of  prices for goods and services is rising, and, subsequently, purchasing power is  falling. Central banks  attempt to stop severe inflation, along with severe deflation, in an attempt to  keep the excessive growth of prices to a minimum.  Example, why something that cost a dollar in 1980 costs $2.37 in 

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Bank of Japan to mull 2% inflation target as ABE turns up heat- Bank of Japan is considering adopting a 2% inflation target and ease the monetary policy.

LA Times- $1-million man march

Baseball players salary face hyperinlfation as their salaries soar to outraegeous numbers, outpacing the normal inflation rate.

USA Today- Inflation measure could help 'fiscal cliff'

Budget talks between the White House and Congress are involving changing the way inflation is calculated to slow the costs of entitlement programs like Social Security. Over many years, the government could save billions of dollars by reducing the amount of money paid to the recipients by using the new proposed chained consumer price index formula.

N.I.A- National Inflation Association, prepares americans for hyperinlation.

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