Democritus and Aristotle Project
By: Kylee Garcia & Kayla


-scientist John Dalton refined Democritus' ideas and used them as the basis for his atomic theory.

-He is known to have written more than 70 books.

-Atoms were never created, according to Democritus, but have always existed, just as they are now.

-Democritus was probably born about 460 b.c. and died about 370 b.c. but they are not really sure since it was so long ago.

Aristotle: The Greek Philosopher

-Aristotle, the Greek philosopher and scientist, was born in Stagira, a town in Chalcidice.

- He went to Plato's philosophy school for twenty years until he died in 3.4.8 B.C.E

-Aristotle's wife, Pythia, died about ten years after they got married

-Aristotle was ten years old when his father died

-Aristotle died at the age of sixty two.

The Theory of The Atom:

Democritus did most of the devolving of his own theory of atoms. Aristotle came around and helped him. But in the end the theory was thought of before. "Atoms are eternal, and cannot be created or destroyed". His theory was declined because other philosophers and followers of Socrates and Plato because they didn't see how atoms had the ability to move by themselves. But another philosopher refined his ideas into his own, John Dalton.

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