Need help... NOW

By: Avish Chrianth

It is  1500, I, Juan DaCova, who hails from Netherlands, ask you for a lot of money to fund my exploration to the New World, O great king of Spain, Charles I, the Emperor. If I am able to go to the New world, I will bring you many raw materials and more slaves as war allies. The reason I am gonin' is to bring many minerals like salt, gold, and silver (etc.) I need these resources because we need money and minerals for my jewelry business. I will go the west part of the New world because they may mountains will provide many mines. The minerals such as ore can be found near the top. In other regions, you will. They only other person to touch land was C. Columbus who was currently exploring a small island. So there should be no issues. Most explores are in search of preservers such as salt. Others want gold for trade or keeps. They all want more territory to expand religion for their king. If I met any other explorers or Natives, first I will try and cooperate. If not, I will most likely stay there and ignore them. If it gets really out of hand, I will call in military units to annihilate them. Some obstacles are disease, storms, monsters, crude navigation, and pirates. To prevent disease, I will take lots of field medics and doctors. We will carry guns and cannons to fend of pirates and other gangs. We will bring many other materials like leather to sew sheets to protect from rain and coldness

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