Html code is what people use to create websites. Html coding for websites is made up of many different tags that all do different things. Here are 15.


<!DOCTYPE>                           The doctype tag is a required preamble and if it is              not used the website browser will render it wrong.

<p>              </p>                       This tag allows you to create a paragraph that people looking at your page will actually be able to see.

<body>        </body>                  This tag starts the body of the website and ends the body. The body is where everything will be typed.

<bgcolor>                                   This tag is used inside of the same brackets as the body tag. It determines the background color of your website.

<title>           </title>                    This tag is used to signify when you can and can't type your title in.

<img src>                                    You use this tag to add in a picture or gif.

<ol>              </ol>                       You make an ordered list using this tag.

<ul>             <ul>                         You use this tag to create and unordered list.

<!--...-->                                        You can insert a note to yourself that won't show up on your web page using this tag.

<h1> to <h6>                                These define where your headings are.

<br>             </br>                        This creates a line break between two sections of your website.

<html>          <html>                     Starts and ends your website.

<b>               </b>                         Bold text.

<u>                </u>                         Underlined text.

<i>                 </i>                          Italicized text.

<li>                </li>                         Creates a list.

<table>          </table>                   Creates a table.

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