Miss Bazzel's Culinary Class

September Newsletter

Welcome to my class Barrow Middle School students and parents! Students, I am so excited to get to know to each and every one of you as we learn about food, nutrition, and all things culinary. Parents, I am so happy your kids are in my class and I hope to get to know all of you as well.

Dear Parents,

I will be sending out a monthly newsletter to keep you updated on what your kids are up to in my class. My goal is for you to feel involved and in the loop. You can play a big role in the success of your child's learning, especially with my class because so much of what we do at school can be practiced at home!

The topic of today's newsletter is introducing you to the technologies we will be using together for communication and collaboration purposes for my class. By using these tools, I hope to enhance your child's experience in my class and enhance your experience on the parent end of things.

1. Remind 101 : a texting app that can be used to remind parents and students of upcoming events, due dates, or just simple items to note. Phone numbers are never exchanged and there are no open replies. -- I will use this app to send quick reminders to my students. For example "Don't forget to take a picture of your dinner tonight to share with the class tomorrow". If you child does not have a phone, I could email the reminders or sent to you, parents.

2. Instagram: a social media app used to share pictures. -- I have created one instagram account for my class (@missbazzelcooks). The student of the week will be in charge of the instagram posts for that week. He/She will be highlighting what we are up to in class each day and will be able to feature their food creations on the account.

3. Dropbox: a free service that let you access documents, files, or pictures from anywhere and share them easily. -- Each student will be creating a dropbox account so that files can be shared easily between classmates. Each recipe that we make in the classroom will be typed up and submitted to the shared dropbox, so that all students have access to the recipes, as well as, other content during the year.

Your students will be receiving all the information they need to get started on these apps and all I need you to do is sign up with Remind 101 using our class code: MB239

Happy beginning of fall, let the pumpkin recipes begin!

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