Green Quencher

Healthy drinks

Green quencher specialize in improvingworkplace environment by providing healthy drinks @ a monthly low price subscription

  • workplace environment is No 1 ingredient on employee performance
  • Employee in better workplace environment can perform 30% better
  • Better working conditions attracts workforce more than salary and benefits do

most people thinks that what motivates people to go to work and perform better is the salary and other obvious elements like benefits... however in survey done by most of all research firms in the USA shows that the main reason behind a great or poor performance of an employee is the workplace environment.

2 different people accomplishing same task can have as much as 30% in their performance for the simplest fact that they are working in 2 different work environment.

Green Quencher provides low cost simple solutions to help your company improve the workplace environment so you can achieve short term and long term increase in workforce performance

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