Tourism attractions

The flag of Eritrea.


Clothing:Cotton and Rural dresses that is the traditional dressing. These are the traditional clothing of Eritrea. Here is a example below and white it is the traditional color.

What and Where Is Eritrea?:

Eritrea is in Africa and on the right side of Sudan. The population is 6.313 million people in Eritrea. Out of the 1.033 billion in Africa.


One of their activities is you only eat and drink a very little for a month. You might need some thiner clothes. Plus some extra food so if you get really hungry then you can eat behind people's backs.


They have had war in the past. Over 100,000 were killed. But after 2 years they signed a peace treaty.


There beliefs are Islam and Christianity. They speak Tigrinya,Arabic,and English. Plus they have Christmas too.


There is almost no education they only go to 6th grade. But mostly everyone gets pulled out in 2nd grade. So there is not much education in Eritrea.


Food:They eat many foods but I'm not going to name all of them. 2 diced onions is one of the normal meals there. Doesn't sound like much but I don't think they eat much there.


They have no horses in Eritrea. So they ride camels there,even the army. Don't see this every day.

Tourist attractions:

They are very hard working people they look out for each other. They have Christmas and Easter like us but they have other holidays too. It seems like a good place to go for vacation or even live but i'm not sure I would pick it if I had a choice of Hawaii or any other tropical island.

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