Natural Reader Text-to-Speech


The NaturalReader text-to-speech(TTS) application converts PDF files, MS Word documents, and e-books into spoken words.


Works with Word documents, PDF files, webpages, eBooks, and many other formats.

  • Provides over 30 natural sounding voices in 5 languages
  • Loads Dropbox files, email attachments, computers
  • Input text via keypad, copy/paste, or from the application’s built-in browser
  • Simply tap a sentence, and NaturalReader begins reading aloud from that point.
  • Increase or decrease the speed of the voice reader
  • Follow along with written text that automatically scrolls up the screen as it is being read
  • NaturalReader provides an alternative way to enjoy learning!
  • Note: Free users can only listen to 10 minutes without any interruption. Please leave your Email when you write feedback and want to get help.


  • Listen to text versus reading
  • Avoid eye strain
  • Assist in proofreading written assignments

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