2013/2012 Holiday

It was FINALLY the end of the school year I couldn't wait for all the stuff  could do. It was the first day the school holidays I didn't really do much I just stayed home until, Christmas eve I couldn't wait to open my presents. I tried to sleep for the whole day but in stead I woke up at about 7:00am it felt like, the day went twice as long as a normal day.

I was starring at the time for like the whole day so then i put an alarm at 12:00am so, i didn't have to look at it for a whole 10 more hours or something like that. After that i went on the mac to play some minecraft then suddenly i heard, something it was my, alarm so then we went and lit some sparklers.I

After that we went inside to open my presents but my mum took like 5,000,000 photos of my brothers and my sister with our presents. we finally got to open our presents for cristmas.

What i got for christmas:

1. Beats by dr.Dre solo hd

2. $50

After christmas we went to Adelaide we didn't go by plane we went by car it took us 10 to 11 hours it was so long i tried to sleep for the whole, time but i couldn't. when we got there it was so hot we didn't really do that much on the first day, the hotel that we stayed at was Mercure i was hoping there would be a swimming pool but sadly there wasn't one.

On the second day we went to a restaurant right next to our hotel i cant remember what i got i just know thats it was delicious, on the third day we didn't really do much. On the fourth day we went to hahndorf we were just walking until we came past the candy shop there, was about 3 or 4 candy shops there so we went to go bye so candy.

After that we went to a restaurant i forgot what it was cold all i know is that there food was huge it was so big my whole family, only got one plate of food the plate was only half finish and i was already full. After that we went to harbour all the shops were already about to closed we didn't get anything.

After that we went back to the hotel it was our last day there on the next day, we were going home on the way my mum wanted to go to the blue lake. It took us about 2 to 3 hours to get there from adelaide i didn't know that it was really blue but, when it was like the bluest lake i have ever seen we took some pictures then a left.

It took us longer to get back home because we went a different way so we got back at about 11:00pm about 2 weeks after we ,got home we went to the queenscliff beach with my friend it was really fun because we brought our bodyboards. when i was bodyboarding there was a huge wave as i was going i fell of my bodyboard and face planted into the sand it hurt a lot.

After that day we went to the queenscliff beach again this time I didn't face plant because there were know waves i went snorkeling then i saw, some coral it looked like it was moving. We left at about 8:00pm after that we had KFC for dinner. i just stayed home for the rest my holiday.

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