If you like fiction books, Merlin book is the best you wanna read. In this book the was a boy his name was merlin, he have magic powers and only him can save a kingdom named Camelot. Merlin was the kid that possess the power of that kingdom but it was hard because a witch named morgana wanted to take over that kingdom but she was always stoped my merlin. She tryed to kill merlin himself but she could'nt because merlin's power is way higher than his. Merlin help the king's son Athur in the kingdom of camelot. He merlin was always where Athur was so athur was always protected and one thing is that Athur never knew if merlin had magic neither does the king. Merlin was helped most time by the dragon . I will stop here and if you wanna watch the video or read the book it on the internet just search merlin book or merlin videos

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2 years ago

I like the sentence in the summary that tells readers what to search for on their own. Just watch out for your grammar use in the summary