Nothing But The Truth

NBTT Essay

The story of Philip Malloy is really about the individual, what their views on the world are and where they fit into the human race. It is neither Philip, nor Miss Narwin’s fault. It is humanities. All people lie at some point in their lives, sometimes without even meaning to. Their values, experiences, and knowledge, affect how they see and perceive things. It is human nature to lie, and individualism that gives each and every person different values and views. There is no real fault on any of those truly involved, but rather in those who spread the story full of flaws.

The American Affiliated Press Wire Service published an article which titled “Kicked Out of School For Patriotism.” In this article “Harrison, NH. A tenth grader was suspended from his local school because he sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the school’s morning exercises. The boy, Philip Malloy, who wished to sing in spirit of patriotism, was then forced to remain home alone, since both his parents work. English teacher Margaret Narwin , who brought about the suspension, maintains the boy was making a nuisance of himself” (AVI 127). Now for the facts, Philip, is in ninth grade Harrison School District Memo-Philip Malloy (ninth grade) (AVI 89), he was humming “The Star-Spangled Banner” not singing it Miss Narwin-“Is that you Phillip?” Philip-“Just humming.” (Avi 43), he was doing this out of anger with Miss Narwin he was trying to get his classes changed Philip-“...No way I’m staying in her classes.” (Avi 47) , Miss Narwin did not want him suspended Miss Narwin- “Did you have to suspend him?”, and he was “making a disturbance” Harrison School District Memo- “....causing a disturbance in class... (AVI 89)”.

Miss Narwin values literature, and order. To her, literature is nothing to joke about it is a treasure that you should cherish, while Philip wishes that the literature they studied was more modern, and that he could joke about it to keep it interesting. Unfortunately they don’t understand each other and their differences, and this caused a huge problem. “Narwin is so dumb she didn’t get the joke.” (AVI 22) Miss Narwin -“For example: these days I’m teaching The Call of the Wild. A student raised his hand to say he didn’t understand “who was calling who.” Now if I were to laugh or mock, he would be insulted. And I would lose him. This boy, Philip Malloy....” She misunderstood that Philip says stuff like that to be funny, He wants her to laugh and joke around during class. Here she was trying to put herself in his shoes and react how she would want her teacher to if it was her and this was a real question. It is not their fault, they just have different values and thoughts.

Both Harrison High and Miss Narwin were depicted unfairly across the country. The new articles never wrote from their point of view, and their articles were riddled with mistakes most favoring Philip. From the community section of the Manchester Record- “Suspended For Patriotism By J. Steward, Education Reporter Harrison. While it may appear to be an April Fools’ Day joke, tenth grader Philip Malloy of Harrison High School was suspended for singing “The Star Spangled Banner.” His parents Susan and Benjamin Malloy of Harrison Township, do not consider themselves super-patriots, but they did raise their son to have pride in our country . It was only natural then for Philip Malloy to sing along when the national anthem was played on tape during morning exercises. According to Harrison School superintendent Dr. A. Seymour , there is no rule against singing the national anthem . Indeed in every other class Philip did just that. His new homeroom teacher, Ms. Margret Narwin, however, changed the rules. Every time Philip lifted his voice to sing she threw him out of class, insisting a disturbance was being created. School principal Dr. Gertrude Doane, who admits that Philip had no previous marks on his record, saw the issue only as one of discipline , and referred all questions regarding school policy to D. Joseph Palleni, assistant principal. Dr. Palleni , however, refused to be interviewed regarding the incident. What will young Malloy -who has his own delivery route for the Manchester Record-do during his suspension from school? Philip, who still hopes to make the school track team this spring, said, “Try to keep up with my school work, and work out with classmates after school.” Harrison Township will be voting on a new school district budget this spring, along with a new school board.” First Philip is was not being patriotic he was humming with the intentions of annoying his teacher so he could change classes Philip-“...No way I’m staying in her classes.” (Avi 47), he is in ninth grade, the reporter did not talk to his parent so they could not have known what they thought, or how they raised Philip, except by inferring in which case they did not have enough information to infer this, so you are left to believe this is either a guess or a lie. He was humming the star spangled banner Miss Narwin-“Is that you Phillip?” Philip-“Just humming.” (Avi 43), because no student has ever been this disrespectful during the national anthem there is no real rule or procedure although each morning before these morning exercises they are reminded to please stand at a respectful silence Dr.Doane- “Please all rise and stand at a respectful, silent attention for the playing of our national anthem.” , Philip did not practice humming or singing during the national anthem in other classes or homerooms. Miss Narwin did not change the rule she just believed that a reminder memo should be given the same respect as a rule. Each time Philip tried to hum he was first asked politely to stop multiple times before he was told to leave the classroom Philip-“Just humming.” Miss Narwin- “Please stop”.... (Avi 43).

Now is it really Miss Narwin’s fault? Or Harrison Highs? No, Philip lied to the press and they pulled the lies even further. If the whole world stopped lying this conflict would never have happened, but this also teaches a valuable lesson unique to all those who hear, because we all interpret things differently. If only we could completely understand where others were coming from the world would be a very different place.

Life Lesson: Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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