Your Headline

Your Headline

Journal Entry One:

Dear diary,

Today men came to my house just outside of Jackson Mississippi, they talked to my father about the war with Union, I knew that the south had succeeded but I didn't know that there was a war. The men said they needed soliders and my father gladly handed me an my brothers over to him.

(Me In Uniform)

Journal Entry Two:

Union: You filthy Grayback! Skedaddle off my land!

Confederate: Well you yanky better give up, or else you’ll become a Hardknocks Jailbird!

Union: I won’t give in to you, I am fit as a fiddle and living perfectly as a Union soldier.

Confederate: Well we were all Uppity after Bullrun what happened there, seems like our fighting is Toeing The Mark.

Union: The rebels winning another battle is as Scarce as A Hen’s Teeth! You Confederates are so weak you are played out from one small battle!

Confederate: You must be WallPapered for thinking that!

Union: You better watch what you’re saying, after I’m done with you, you’re gonna need Sawbones to put you back together!

Confederate: You wanna be Whipped you yanky!?!?

Union: Doesn’t matter much, I’m a hard case.

Confederate: Hows ‘bout I introduce you to my PepperBox?

Journal Entry Three:

Dear Mother,

Today at camp I had a  brutal day, first I woke up then was put right into training where I stood around and twirled my gun for an hour then I went back to camp to find a squirrel was in my tent, I chased it off then continued to eat my lunch. I took a picture of it. I hope that I see you again before I die.

Yours Truly, Everett


Journal Entry Four:

Interview question 1

Me: Jeremiah, when you chose to Go with your brother, what caused you to make that choice?

Jeremiah: I did not want to be at home wondering what happened to him

Interview question 2

Me: Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about?

Jeremiah: Being with my brother and fighting for my side.

Interview question 3

Me: Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

Jeremiah: Me and my brother going onto the train.

Interview question 4

Me: Jeremiah, What happened to you and your brother.

Jeremiah: My brother died at the second battle of mananas.

(A Cock Fight That We Had For Fun)

Journal Entry Five:

Dear George,

This morning after the drill me and the guys bet money on a chicken fight. I bet my money on ol' one eye, sadly enough I lost six dollars and ol' one eye is no longer with us. Then I watched as the guys raced each other's lice across the table. I hope I will see you again.

Your Friend, Everett

Journal Entry Six:

This is how I shoot a gun.

I do it with my own right thumb.

So blame it on the Yankees baby.

This is how an angel dies.

I blame it on my own supply.

So blame it on my Calvary baby.

Maybe I should cry for help

Maybe I should amputate myself

Blame it on the Yankees




(Commanding Officers Getting Ready for Battle)

Journal Entry Seven:

Dear Diary,

Today was not a good day, I found that in my cabin one of my friends Steven got diarrhea I fear that he might die soon he is weak and loosing lots of liquids by the minute. While I walked away from the cabin I could hear his moans and groans.

Dear Diary,

Today I was told that my company is coming home after a hard two and a half years, I am coming home to you mother. I know that father has passed so on the farm it will just be me and you, I cannot contain myself with the happiness that has come to me. I can not wait to see you again. Even though I have changed so much and have seen things that no man should ever have to see, I get to see the most beautiful woman in the world at least one more time before I die.

(Me and My MAMA)

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