By Kumanan


Cocaine is a addictive drug and it is very bad.

Cocaine is a powerful drug that comes from the leaves of the coca bush, a plant grown in South America. It’s sold as a white powder that is most often snorted.

Cocaine is a very dangerous drug to humans. Once they start, they find it difficult to stop. Cocaine makes you happy, but then as soon as it goes away the user is struck with intense depression. It makes you act unregulated, and have a higher risk of hospitalization. As the user keeps taking the drug, they feel like it is part of their normal life. They might also go crazy in the head.

Using the drug even once a month can cause high blood pressure.

Cocaine is not the only bad drug. There are more drugs such as Acid, Alcohol, Tobacco, Smoking, Marijuana, and more.

Cocaine can be found in two ways: powdered or crystallized (crack).

Below is a picture of side effects of chronic use of cocaine.

Never use cocaine because......

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