Health Vocabulary               MEH.1.1

emotion ~ feelings, such as love, joy, or fear

Mental and Emotional disorder~ illnesses that affect a person's thoughts,feelings, and behavior.

Anxiety Disorder~ extreme fears of real imaginary situations that get in the way of normal activities

Mood Disorder~ a mental and emotional problem in which a person undergoes mood swings that seem extreme, inappropriate, or last a long time.

Suicide~ the act of killing oneself on purpose

Resources~ places to get information, support, and advice

Referral~ a suggestion to seek help or information from another person or place \

Questions Page 155

2; Which two emotions can serve to protect us?    The two emotions that can protect us are fear and anger.

3; What are the stages of grief that most people experience?

   The stages of grief that most people experience are denial, anger, bargaining,       depression, and acceptance.

4; How can physical activity help you deal with strong emotions?

   Physical activity helps you focus more of you energy so you feel more caoable of           dealing with your emotions.

Questions Page 162

2; What are three warning signs of suicide?

Three warning signs are wanting to be left alone, talking about suicide, and being interested in death.

5;What are two main types of mental and emotional disorders?

The two main types of disorders are Anxiety and Mood.

7; Why is getting treatment early for mental and emotional disorders so important?

Getting treatment early is important because the earlier you get it, the faster it helps you.

Questions Page 165

2; Why might a person with a mental or emotional disorder fail to seek treatment?

They might fail because they might not want anyone to help them, they think they can solve their own problems.

3; What are some differences between individual and group therapy?

Some differences are that its own you in therapy, group therapy is when their is a big group. Groups when you share your problems with more people.

4; What are some resources a person could use to get help for mental or emotional disorder?

The person could use a hotline, or a doctor, or just a parent.