Vocabulary Squares
By: Rachel-Beth Acker


Crystal- Made of clear; brilliant glass

Kimberly and I bought matching crystal necklaces as a symbol of our best friendship


Sinewy- Tough and strong

After joining the wrestling team Michael has become quite sinewy and been able to protect himself against Mario and his friends.


Brawny- Strong and muscular

Lucas and his friends made a mess with the milk and cookies so we counted on Brawny for a strong towel to get everything clean.


Parson- Minister

Parson James taught on the birth of Jesus Christ and how we were redeemed in his blood.


Wrought- Shaped by hammering

The iron smith uses the old fashioned wrought technique on the iron fence that is going to be used as our front gate.


Haunches- Upper legs and hips of an animal

The new golden retriver looked up at me with those big beautiful eyes and I was in love!

1. No a dogs haunches is its back legs and it would be on all four if it were running.

2. Yes a weigh lifter would be brawny because brawny means active and in shape.

3. A physically active person.

4. Yes because glass crystal is very fragile.

5. A parson would be found becasue he is a member of the clergy

6. It was shaped by hammering but not made.


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