Tang Dynasty

The influence for Japan and Korea

The Silk Road helped the Tang Dynasty extend westward and connect to the Muslim and Byzantine Empires

The Tang Dynasty lasted from 618 to around 907 AD. The Tangs had a huge influence over the Japanese and Koreans; they started having Buddhism, the respect for nature, a writing system, and the "5 Relationships" of Confucianism. Over the hundreds of years that the Tang existed, they created many contributions that were the foundations for some of what we use today. The Tangs created gunpowder, the compass, the mechanical clock, porcelain, the spinning wheel, and even block printing.

The Tangs originally used gunpowder for celebration. The compass was supposed to be a game, but they noticed that the spoon kept pointing to the same area, thus creating the compass.

the type of governments that the Tangs had was a Monarchy.

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