Almost Caught

Addison Harris 3rd hour 4/17/14

It was at midnight
Maybe even at a quarter to one
It was in the summer
But there was no summer sun
The street lights were on
And there was no one up
We walked across the street
Like some homeless bums
We run to a house
To see if there was someone inside
They were sleep, a perfect summer night
Then there was a police car
That drives by
And we got scared because there was no where to hide
So we ducked, and I took a breathless sigh
The police car didn't see us , and continues to drive by
And we stroll back up to the door
I rang the bell
And I begin to run
But my friend kicks the door down
Just for fun
If you can't tell it's a ding dong ditch
So I yell and he roars
We bolt back to my house
And we close the door

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