abiotic-there is nonliving things in the artic such as the snow and water plant vegitatin air and                    ECT


biotic-is many difrent living things such as artic wolfs,bangle tigers,polerbears,carabo ans moos and there are many difrent trees like the pine and oak trees

organisms are gunna need to eat other organisms over time to survive

the artic is a vary dead place with vary few animals that live in that enviorment such as carabo moose artic cats and deer are some of the few animals that live in the ARTIC TUNDRA

LIMITING FACTORS-by limiting factors is just as limiting animals in the population

if you limit the factors such as animals it will be a decreese in population cause the prea wont get eaten

Co2+H2o         C6H12o6+o2

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? ZANE GIBSON 2 years ago

orginisms or crops that a regin can support

Tropeism-is the direct organism from a plant

decomposers-are important to the soil and its nutriants for the plants and without them we wont live cause they will stop to produce oxegen

some decomposers such  as birds,cats,dogs and others

decomposers ^^^

many aspects such as pland or animal are addapttations

water sunlight energy for plants and animals will need shelter and food water energy resorses

if you place those plants in the artic they will lack all of those resorses ^^ and animals will lack food cause theres not alot of food or shelter in the artic and will die

so they can adaped better to there inviorment

dogs because they like the hot and are alredy adapted to my enviorment

that is adaptation ^^

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artic trundra

2 years ago

abiotic-there are many things living such as pine and oak trees and there are some animals like the carabo,artic wolfs,polerbears,moos ans bangle tigers

2 years ago

photosenthises - is were a plant gets sunlight oxegn and water to live and produce energy for the consumer^

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You should read the instructions step by step. After reading each instruction, go back to your portfolio and make sure you have answered each question in the correct order. I think doing this will also help you reorganize your portfolio, because it is incredibly difficult to follow.