Project Mercury

1 The first human flight was not successful to outer space until 1961, the U.S sent a monkey named ham into space to test if man was able to comprehend in space. In 1962 Pilot Allen shepherd was the first American to be sent to space and orbit the earth and come back into earth.

2 if I was in Allen shepherds shoes to be the first man in space I would be proud and be very alive to come back down to earth,embrace my friends,family and write a novel about Allen shepherds first flight in space.

3 U.S sent a monkey named hams into space for the first time to orbit the earth and analyze the reaction of the animal to test if humans can handle exploring the outside in space of our home planet.

4 Russia sent an astronaut named John garrid into space to become the first person to explore outer space which was upsetting to Allen shepherd since he didn't get to be first into space NASA launch shepherd to be America's first person into space.

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