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Gunner Gaines, Engineering

Professional Requirements for Computer Engineering

Educational Requirements for Computer Engineering

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is required to become a computer engineer. High school classes should focus on computer science, computer languages, mathematics and statistics. Prospective computer engineers may either opt to go directly for a bachelor's degree or complete an associate's degree as an intermediate step within the education required of a computer engineer. Many community, technical and vocational colleges offer programs in computer science, computer engineering and computer programming within their technology or information technology departments.

University of Texas at Austin

If you hosted a meeting of the minds  a place where the right-brained dreamers inspired the left-brained doers  Austin would be the perfect place to gather. At the heart of the Austin community, the university offers a home where the creative, artistic minds of the world live side by side with the scientific and technological innovators of tomorrow.

Austin is regarded as an open-minded, friendly and innovative city. The city has been consistently rated a national creative center that draws talented people from across the world to its high quality of life, abundant resources, lively entertainment and active lifestyle.

Words to Live By

"Put one-hundred percent into anything you do and eventually you'll be successful." I thought of these words about a year ago because my family was going through a tough time with everything and no one in my family has been super successful in life. I quickly decided I want to be the first to ever make it. My main goal in life is to be successful and to take care of my family and make their lives as care free as possible. This is important to me because my family has always taken care of me even without much money or anything, and I honestly feel like I've been a huge burden on them. I feel there is no other way to pay them back, except by taking care of them the rest of my life like they've done for me most of their lives.

Role Model

I'd have to say that my role model that I see almost every day would actually have to be Trevor Craig. I respect Trevor and look up to him ever since football. He played the same positions as I did. Whenever I needed help with something he would be there to help me out. He would tell me exactly what I needed to do. He didn't just help me that way, he also helped me by giving me examples in games. I still remember watching him from the sidelines and going crazy when he got an interception in the state finals game for football. He is a leader on and off the field, always providing a good example by staying out of trouble, getting good grades, and helping others.


In the article "Becoming a Computational Scientist" Steven Gottlieb, a computer scientist at Indianda University goes into great detail by saying first It certainly wasn’t by design. "I enjoyed mathematics and science from an early age." This is important to me because Science and Math are by far my favorite subjects of school and always have been. If I wasn't able to continue in this field I planned on majoring in mathematics because of the vast career field for mathematicians. It's not necessarily just wanting to be a computer scientist but the fact that I want a job where I work with mathematics and science all the time. I would love any job including these factors.

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