10 Trick or Treaters
A Halloween Counting Book

Interactive Book

     Everyone loves trick or treating. Even if it's not Halloween, this interactive book lets you trick or treat anytime and anywhere (As long as you have the book). Join our 10 little friends on their once in a lifetime Halloween adventure.

     One month ago, we were given the task to make an interactive book.  Our group wanted an educational but still enjoyable book. After much debate and arguments, we settled with this; "10 Trick or Treaters". To make this book interactive, we used the 'Makey Makey'. To run the Makey Makey, we used Scratch.   


     Unfortunately, we could not rig the actual book so we had to photocopy the book and rigged that up. Our book included a lamp, a stand and read aloud buttons and a countdown from 10 to 0 on the last page. Enjoy and have a Happy Counting Halloween.

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