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When you think of yourself, do you consider to be a good or bad person? Good people enable us to have an effective society and economy. Without them there would be extreme levels of poverty and violence.

Our society is made up off people, which shape our economy. The good people tend to balance out the bad. Without the good to balance out the bad our economy and society would be noneffective; due to the affect of not having good people around to influence the bad. There would be no boundaries set from right in wrong everyone would be in favor of them selves, not caring about others.

Poverty levels would be threw the roof, and violence would be a daily activity. You see with out those good people to help the less fortunate and the family's who just need a little help to get back on their feet they would just fall. Leading them to violence , stealing, maybe even killing, jut to provide the little necessity's in life.

Despite all the horrible ripple effects of not having good people in the world, there may some upside. Although i don't know what that is, you might.

In conclusion the world needs good people, the make our lives withstand able, they make our lives balanced.

Letter of recommendation

      Dear border patrol customs,

I am excited to recommend Jesus Palmato your agency. I've know him for 3 1/2 years, we've worked in various settings together on a daily basis.

Jesus is a hard working multitasker. He knows how to follow direct orders despite his own opinion. He has good morals enabling him to make exceptionally good decisions.

Again I am recommending Jesus Palma for the border patrol customs agency because I believe he would be an amazing asset. He is independent and social. He would be amazing fit in your association.

Sincerely ,         Jaclynn Lenton

Cover Letter

Jaclynn, M Lenton

13340 Owl Point

El paso, TX 79938

June 28, 2000

Jaclynn M Lenton, Caretaker


7762 blueridge

El paso, 79938

Dear, Charels J Smith

Good afternoon, i am very interested in your care taking position at the Morris health clinic. I believe i would be a great asset in your company. I have 2 years of experiences with care taking, meaning i have a great deal of patience's.

I am looking forward to eventually become a registered nurse, i believe this is a key stepping stone to get me to where i need to be.

Again, I am more than interested in the available in the open position at your company. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Jaclynn Lenton


Jaclynn Lenton


73340 oak road

My objective is to be an efficient hard working business woman.


2005-2012 Cumberland mills Elementary

2012-2013 fort Irwin middle school

2013-2014 Sun ridge middle

2014-2015 Eldorado 9th grade center


2015 March- Present - baby sitting


Multitasking skills

Social skills

Efficient worker

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