Joplin has Physical,Historical,and lots of Attractions

Physical Features

Joplin has many physical  features like the Great Falls and the Shoal Creek Falls, those are waterways  Here some land forms. The Ozark Plateau,that is  the start of the Ozark Mountains and many more land forms to discover.

Historical Features

Joplin has many Historical  features like The Craigen Mansion The builder of this mansion is Lon Craigen. There is also an old baseball team called the Miners here are some other historical features like the Union Depot.,and there are coal cars.


Joplin has many attractions like the  Reptile World Zoo,The Museue Complex,Richerdson Candy Factory,and The Washington carver National Monument.

Just to know

Your whole family will have fun at all the these fun places there is many more fun places to discover when you visit Joplin Missouri in The Ozark Highlands.

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