my thought

Night. Car. Favorite music. Stars. I want to stop time. I want to drown in the dark, in the stars. In these stars, such a distant, but so close and bright. They shine for me, illuminate the road, and I look at them and forgotten.
Who am I?
Where am I?
In my head so many thoughts, and from them  I want or run, or cry, or smile and  laugh.
Even imagine the thought occurred to everything and everyone quit and go to a distant, cold, but beautiful, wonderful and fabulous St. Petersburg. There's no one and nothing that could wait for me. And is not it great to go where you will be alone with yourself and be happy in the present, because you are a long time dream to go there. And when they ask where you want to live? you're not thinking, you answer: ST. PETERSBURG. OF COURSE PETER.
You know, I'm scared that I'm really do it, truth is buy a one-way ticket (yep, even if you I buy both ways, not the fact that back) and don't want to return.
Why  so? Why do so many thoughts? Am I unhappy here? Nope. I'm very happy here. Here - mom, dad, job. Here past.
Just want now experiences, drive. Incredible impressions, new acquaintances. Will I do that? Learn in a year.
Night. Car. Favorite music. Stars.
That's what gives you reflect on your life, feelings, emotions. At this point, I'm happy in my heart.
Night. Car. Favorite music. Stars.
And are you happy?

P.s: There are so many reasons to be happy!!!

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