Psychological Approach

What do the characters' emotions and behaviors reveal about their psychological state?

Example 1: Oedipus the King

Oedipus is over thinking a lot about who he really is, which is making him a nervous wreck trying to find the truth.

Example 2: Oedipus the King

Jocasta is hiding the truth about Oedipus's life from him, which shows that she is afraid of what will come with the truth.

Example 3: "Scars"

The young boy thinks about his feelings towards his father, making him unsure of who is father really is to him anymore.

Example 4: "Counting Stars" By OneRepublic

"Lately I been, I been losing sleep dreaming about the things that we could be" These lyrics show that the artist might be in love with someone, and just cant get them off their mind, which is causing them to stay up at night off of impulse.

Example 5: High School Musical 3

Troy has a big breakdown in the middle of the night because he is confused about everything happening in his life and that they are all happening fast and he's confused about what is happening between him and the girl he loves.

Example 6: A Cinderella Story

A boy does whatever it takes just to find one girl that he had only met one time and didn't even know who she was, because she made him happy.

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