E E Cummings

October 14 1894 - September 9 1962
Born in Cambridge Massechusetts

E E Cummings started writing as early as 1904. He went to Harvard university and got both his BA and his MA. In 1917 he published his first poems and left the united states for France, where he became a volunteer ambulance driver in World War 1. When he started to experiment with grammar and punctuation, he found that he liked it better when they were messed a little so he stuck with that for the rest of his writing career.

E E Cummings wrote with little correct grammar. He liked the freedom of no grammar, so in many of his pieces you will notice that little attention was paid to grammar and punctuation. Many times critics would say bad things about his poetry because he didn't pay attention to the grammar, but he is still looked upon as one of the greatest poets of his time.

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