Immigration: The Borders

Immigration is people going into a country to which they are not native in order to settle there.  Specifically to become permanent residents and/or future citizens.  Immigrants leave their native countries for so many different reasons, some have a desire to prosper, others for political issues, and many for family re-unification.   Regardless of the purpose it is a hard journey, a start from zero.  

There has been so many ways that immigration policies and laws been influenced by race in America one in specific, and that really stuck to me from all the readings and videos was the words chosen when referring to immigrants.   This has made a huge impact on how all react and see things.  Proper speaking is essential when it comes to immigration.

Immigration is different and not different.  People from all over the world seek a better life, and when they get here as one women mentioned in one of the videos, they came looking for paved roads, but they arrived they found out quickly they were the ones constructing the paved roads.  Regardless, immigration to this country whether in the 19th or 20th century has always been about wanting a better life, leaving behind politics not agreed with the people, and reuniting with family members.

Race is sadly still a problem in this country.  Whether one is Hispanic or Asian we will always be signaled out.  But one thing that I must say, immigrants, different races and all that come in search of a better life certainly have boosted our economy.  Many hard working people come to this country, and that is what we need to focus on.  The media instead of focusing on the negative should start showing the positives and good that immigrants bring to this country.  For politics this is an issue that no matter what I think will always be a sensitive one.  Many changes have occurred in the past, and I feel that many more will come our way.  No matter the changes I always hope and pray that it will be for the better.

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2 years ago

I love the political cartoon that you begin with, juxtaposed against a very clear definition of immigration. Excellent imagery. Your text is informative but there is also a heartfelt message and voice that communicates your empathy for people and the human spirit. Great job as always Maria.