War (Genius Hour 2)

My genius hour book was Traitor by Andy McNab. The book is about a man, Danny who is trying to get into the British SAS. Unfortunately he is not allowed because his grandfather, Fergus is keeping him from that. Fergus was in the SAS is a Denial Operator meaning he was pretending to be bad but if they found out, he would be denied as working for Britain and look like he was working for the other side. The MI6 has been chasing him because he has escaped from prison and they are trying to arrest him. Through out the book/series Fergus gets shot many times in his leg by the MI6. His leg was shot by they people when they found out he was a K. (Denial Operator). Though you may think because he is old, he would not be able to physically or emotionally be able to survive a bullet but he does, every time. Because I think of this as a war between Danny & Fergus v. the MI6 i've decided for this genius hour to show some of the things that happen in war that people have survived from. To start off a U.S. Marine was shot in the head by a Taliban Insurgent Sniper recently. CNN has the video.

As you can see, the Marine jolts back as something hits his helmet. This shows how dangerous war can be and what can happen if your not prepared for anything. Always be prepared for the unexpected and that this Marine is very fortunate to have survived.

Another example of how dangerous war can be is that another marine was shot in the head, and pronounced dead twice, but he was still living and surviving.

This shows are how people can survive even in insane, critical conditions. This shows us how even when your hurting people can survive, just like Fergus Watts, a star of the book Traitor by Andy McNab, and how he survived even though he was in pain and on the run.

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