Roman Army

This is the roman army

The roman army had very big shields they went from head to toe they had another shied covering the top of there head so when they went into battle they could crouch down and none of the enemy's could hurt them. The Romans had small little swords they were called gladius they had small swords so if they went into battle they wouldn't have much heaver swords and if they stabbed someone with a long sword it would take longer to get out of them. But when they stab the small sword into them it and it would take like 2 seconds to get out of them and then they can keep battleing.  
  • When other countries fought against the Romans they would throw good spears right next to them. Then the Romans would pick the spear and chuck it right back at them. The Romans made a small throwable dagger it had wire on the end of it so when you throw it into someone it would get stuck in you or if you missed with it it would bend the metal so no one could throw it back

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