Characterization: Montag



Montag is indirectly characterized as rebellious in "Fahrenheit 451." While he is supposed to be burning all of the books since that is his job, he instead steals them. Montag is trying to get an understanding of books and becomes so frustrated. Montag goes against authority and does not want to listen to anybody all he wants to do is to understand the message that books are trying to pursue. Montag is caught and arrested for keeping books and is forced to burn his house down so he does and he burns Beatty as well and he makes a break for it.


Montag is directly characterized as brave. "You're brave," said Faber on page 81 of "Fahrenheit 451." Faber was an old English professor that Montag tried to get in contact with so he can get a better understanding of what books meant. Faber tells Montag that he is brave for stealing the book. I believe Montag is super brave because he is taking the chance of being different. He knows that if he gets caught stealing a book and keeping it for more than 48 hours then he will be arrested. When Montag got caught he still did not give up his book and he was trying to escape. Montag was brave enough to be different and take a chance to learn something new not have the same mind set as everyone else.

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