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The Rockford University network has been experiencing an interruption of services. Many of the faculty and staff have not had the opportunity to gather much information on the status and condition of the network as it impacts them. This communication is to bridge the gap of desire and need to know and the current facts and conditions. As many may be aware, our Outlook, Portal and associated services are unavailable currently. Local access (on campus) and functionality of internal e-mails only, remains. The cause of the lost access is due to our NIU fiber link failing. The provider has been working to identify the cause and isolate the issue. Throughout the morning, into the day and throughout the evening, I have been in contact with our NIU fiber service. They have reported to me, the issue appears to be a physical break in the connection near I-90 and Route 20. They are working to locate the area and perform the required repair. There is no current estimated time of repair and recovery of services. I apologize for the inconvenience and will maintain close watch of updates to progress and will communicate with the University as things continue to develop. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you. Fiber Utilities or iFiber, NIUnet, IT

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