Realizing what is important

Everything seems important as I look around, I need this and I want to have that. Those words are always said by my mouth. Hungry of luxury? Yes maybe. But at this age I am slowly learning what is really needed and what is wanted. Those two words are very different from each other, but it seems like when I was a child, it’s the same. I needed this because I wanted it. See? But now I want this but this is not needed. I am thinking for the more practical decision. It is natural to us that our wants are never ending and cannot be satisfied .But with that kind of attitude we can never have that contentment in life. It was one said that having contentment in life is one way of having a true happiness in life. I guess to our trendy world today most of the things that are wanted are the things that we most likely to see as the important things. Think again. Are the things that we really want is important? Right now my mind storms off way back in the past. That time a simpler way of living was practiced by the people where luxury was not in their mind but to survive their daily lives, which still, makes them happy and can enjoy what is given to them by God. Nowadays, we are craving for more than what we have, but are less important. We crave for more delicious food, more trendy clothes, sophisticated bags, and other things that can satisfy our wants. Well, as for myself, I tried to go to a mall and headed to a store where I really need to buy an important thing. As I stepped outside of that store, my heart is heavy and it felt like I wanted to stay longer to shop more things but suddenly questions pops out in my mind. 1. Do I have enough money to shop the things that I WANT? 2. Does it really matter if I buy those things that I WANT? 3. What can it give to me? As those three questions keeps popping, I realize that I should save my money for the later use, that it does not really matter if I buy or not those things and lastly I can’t think of what can it give to me besides temporary happiness and satisfaction. I think it is better to discern what things are important as of now in the state of our lives. We should not look for more than what are parents can give. In that way, we can change our perspective, learn how to practical and we can help our parents by not wasting their money for such unimportant things.