From Kush to Egypt

By the wonderf andthe best :Aaliyah butler

Geography and the early Kush. The kingdom of Kush developed south of Egyalong the nile in the region we now call nubia. Every year floods provided a rich layer of fertile soil. Farming villages thrived. The area was also rich in minerals such as gold , copper , and stone. These resources contributed to the region's wealth2

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She ruled alongside Akhenaten during the eighteenth dynasty (1550-1292 BC) It's believed that Nefertiti the probably a distance relative to Akhenaten and a favorite queen to the pharaoh. Nothing is known about the queen child hood and no evidence has yielded who her parents.Some believe her father could by Aye due to inscriptions found inside his tomb proclaiming him the father of her sister Mutnodjmet.

During the hundred years of ruling, Egypt Kush had extensively interacted with, and had influence upon, the near far  East, in politics, economy and cultures. The impact of such interaction is still waiting deeper investigation. Nonetheless apparently the kushite culture had not witness big differences in basic norm sand traditions.

Theses are pictures of Kush ,Egypt ,grease, they all have something in common. They all had kings and queens who had ruled each one of them. And now they are all dead because they was tow old.

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