Tools of trade
Yussef Abdelbary

Edmodo is a learning management system where you can access your fellow classmates and teachers post. Your teachers can also post assignments and ask questions online.

Finally you can also access your online access your online backpack for things you did in some other computer but stored it in edmodo.

Remind is a link where you can receive a simple text to complete your homework that is due or classwork that you forgot to finish. All it does is remind you about something you need to do. Or if you have no phone you can receive a message via email. is a website where you can create infographics in a unique way. You can catch your readers attention in a creative way such as putting big colorful letters.


Tackk is an easy way to create web can go from ads to to invitations to fun ways to do your project. It is free easy to use and takes no coding.

-Design Cycle-

The designed cycle is used to solve problems. It helps because it gives you a step by step process of solving a problem that you are working on. You use it By following a four step process which is inquiring and analyzing, Developing ideas, Creating the solution, and Evaluating.

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