Omaha Zoo Trip

Amy Xiang
Team 7-3
May 1, 2014

Entrance Sign

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium entrance sign.

Fish (Koi Fish)

The Koi Fish can eat just about any kind of food.

Common Name: Japanese Koi Fish

Biome: Freshwater

Scientific Name: Cyprinus carpio

Home Range/ Habitat: Every continent except Antarctica/ Originally from Japan

Fish Adaptations:                                                     Species Adaptations:                          1) Gills                                                                                 1) Biggest exotic fish

2) Scales                                                                             2) Beautiful appearence

3) Aerodynamics                                                              3) Easy to accept any kind of food

4) Fins and tails                                                               4) Grow very fast

5) Lateral lines                                                                  5) Tame and gentle

Amphibian (Panamanian Golden Frog)

The frog's bright colors warn its predators.

Common Name: Panamanian Golden Frog

Biome: Rainforest

Scientific Name: Atelopus zeteki

Home Range/ Habitat: Western/ Central Panama

Amphibian Adaptations:                                      Species Adaptations:

1) Long and powerful legs                                            1) Skin contains a potent toxin

2) Jump and swim very well                                       2) Communicate with each other well

3) Streamlined body for swimming                          3) Males keep small territories

4) Tongue attached to front of mouth                     4) Black spots

5) Able to see underwater                                           5) Bright colors to warn predators

Reptile (Komodo Dragon)

The endangered Komodo Dragon's powerful legs help it move quickly.

Common Name: Komodo Dragon

Biome: Islands with hot and dry climate and low elevation

Scientific Name: Varanus komodoensis

Home range/ Habitat: Smallest home range in the world/ Indonesian Islands

Reptile Adaptations:                                        Species Adaptations:

1) Camouflage                                                           1) Very long and powerful legs

2) Some shed their tail                                             2) Long, forked tongue

3)  Regulate body temerature                                3) Very territorial and agressive

4) Lay leathery and hard shells                             4) Mouth bacteria kills prey in 24 hours

5) Some are nocturnal                                             5) No predators from other species

Bird (African Jacana)

The bird's long toes help it to walk on floating vegetation in shallow lakes.

Common Name: African Jacana

Biome: Tropical zone

Scientific Name: Actophilornis africanus

Home range/ Habitat: Native to Africa/ Shallow lakes

Bird Adaptations:                                                 Species Adaptations:

1) Different bill shapes and sizes                           1) Long toes and claws for wading

2) Feathers                                                                  2) Live in water and eat insects in water

3) Many have wings to fly                                        3) Males can care for babies alone

4) Build nests                                                              4) Very good swimmers and divers

5) Some prarie birds camouflage                          5) Doesn't migrate, but are nomads

Mammal (American Black Bear)

The American Black Bears can eat a variety of foods.

Common Name: American Black Bear (Native to North America)

Biome: Forest

Scientific Name: Ursus americanus

Home range/ Habitat: North America/ Taiga

Mammal Adaptations:                                Species Adaptations:                                   

1) Can live almost anywhere                            1) Very good swimmers

2) 4 chambered heart                                       2) Thick coat of fur

3) Specialized teeth                                           3) Good hearing

4) Highly developed brain                               4) Sharp claws

5) Highly developed nervous system            5) Eat almost anything

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