Loopy hat for baby

This crocheted baby hat can be given as a baby gift for baby shower or mom-2-be

This project is fairly easy, once you get the hang of the loopy stitch.  I modified the "Preemie Stocking Cap" from


  • baby yarn
  • ruler
  • Crochet Hook size G or H
  • Darning needle
  • scissors


Baby Hat with loopy stitch:

ch 13

Row 1:  sc in each chain across-12 sc

Row 2:  sc in front loop of each sc across.remaining rows:  repeat row 2 until piece measures approx. 9 1/2" long.

base of hat:

Turn sideways

Row 1:  work 45 sc evenly spaced across ribbing. Ch 1, turn.

Row 2:  Loopy Stitch (instructions below) across
remaining rows:  alternate row 1 and 2 until piece measures 2" from ribbing.

First dec row:  Using the sc row for the decreasing rows.  Sc in first 2 sc, * dec 1, sc in next 3 sc; rep from * across, ending last rep with only 1 sc-36 sc.  Ch 1, turn.

Second dec row:  Sc in first 2 sc, dec 1; rep from * across 27 sc.  Ch 1, turn.

Work next 2 rows even. (one sc row, one loopy stitch row)

Third dec row:  * Dec 1, rep from * across, sc in last sc-14 sc. Ch 1, turn.

Work one row even. (loopy stitch)
Last row:  * dec 1; rep from * across-7sc. Cut yarn leaving long tail.  Thread yarn through last 7 sc, pulling tight to close.  SL st or sew back seam, reversing at brim to keep seam invisible.  Add pom-pom if desired.

loopy stitch:
Insert hook into sc stitch, catch both yarns and pull them through the loop (3 strands on hook).  
yo and pull the yarn through all 3 strands.(loops will be on the back of your work - which is the front of the hat)Make a row of sc in between the row of loopy stitches.
sc - single crochet
yo - yarn over
ch - chain
dec - decrease
rep - repeat
sl  st - slip stitch

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