The Kudzu Vine


This plants is also known as The Vine that ate the South. The Kudzu Vine was first introduced into the United States in 1876.Its intent was to be used as high protein use for cattle feed, it was also used by the Soil Erosion Service to help prevent erosion. However when Boll weevil infested the south and crops failed farmers left to urban district thus leaving the Kudzu unattended. This resulted in the Kudzu growing and soon taking over other plant life in the area in which they were invading thus earning the name The Vine that ate the south.

Kudzu Vine Knowledge

The Scientific name of the Kudzu vine is Pueraria lobata. It is normally known by the general name of Kudzu Vine or just Kudzu. The Kudzu lives in an Ecosystem of Both abiotic and biotic factors. Abiotic factors include the soil in which it arises weather such as rain sunlight, air which contains oxygen and carbon and other gases. On the other hand biotic factors include the trees in which it invades, animals such as snakes birds, and insects such as the Kudzu bug that make the vines home.

Behavior of the Kudzu Vine

The Kudzu Vine uses the behavior of Thigmotopism in which is a plants movement towards or away from contact. This Behavior is shown below when the vine climbs objects such as trees or even telephone poles and even abandoned homes. These Vines tend to climb and suffocate trees to obtain nutrients. The Kudzu Vine uses Parasitism to survive it uses trees as a host while presenting a harmful affect upon the tree.

Adaptations of The Kudzu Vine

The Kudzu vine also has adaptations to help it defend itself from those who tend to harm the plant. The Kudzu has a stem covered by thorns or spines which helps to provide a defense for the plant from Herbivores such as birds.

What are Pesticides?

Pesticides are chemicals used to attract, seduce or destroy pest such as crop eating insects. Pesticides are used today on crops to protect from pest such as the boll weevil and locust.

What is Air/Water Pollution?

Air pollution is the process in which the atmosphere becomes contaminated by harmful emissions from factories, cars, or other methods which can cause sickness death or harm to living organisms. On the other hand water pollution is the process in which water sources such as rivers lakes and even oceans are tainted by pollutants such as oil, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This can also result in the harm of creatures and humans alike living in the contaminated area