By: Tessa Wilson

Part I:

  • 1) In the summer of 1816, the conceited Sir Walter Elliot, baronet, and owner of Kellynch Hall puts his family in debt- forcing them to move to Bath. Anne Elliot, the protagonist and Walter’s middle child is still heart broken from breaking off her engagement to Captain Frederick Wentworth eight years earlier. Wentworth did not live up to the Elliot family's expectations, which results in Lady Russell, Anne’s step mother, to persuade her to break off the engagement. This is ironic since the Elliots had to move because of the debt Sir Walter created. When the Elliots move, Anne encounters the love of her life again who is still bitter about eight years earlier. He makes a decision to marry any girl who is interested in him except Anne, this does not last long. Benwick's engagement to Louisa (Anne's distant sister in law) prompts Wentworth to write a love letter to Anne which pushes the reconnection of their love. In the end Anne and Frederick get married and Lady Russell, the person who persuaded Anne to break it off in the first place admits she was wrong.
  • 2) -Persuasion: the reason Anne broke off the engagement in the first place and is relevant in todays society because this can easily manipulate ones decision to make another one, like voting for president.

-Social Class: in the book this is the main reason Lady Russell uses to persuade Anne to break off the marriage which shouldn’t matter but it does in this circumstance and is still relevant today because parents use this excuse in the same form. They want the best for their children and even though happiness is the most important over all, security is right up there with it.

3) –Benwick’s engagement to Louisa because this prompts Wentworth to write his letter to Anne even though he was still heart broken from her decision eight years earlier. This signifies forgiveness and ultimately brings them mutually together again.

-when Wentworth is flirting with the girls and Anne sees it makes her miss him even more and regret her decision of breaking off the engagement. She wishes she wasn’t so easily persuaded.

4) the movie persuasion by Jane Austen was a great love story overall but lacked significant reason why she broke off the engagement in the first place if Wentworth really meant that much to Anne. it is surprising that she would listen so closely to lady Russell since she was her new step mother and she was not even the favorite child to her father. The way they reconnected was done very well though. It made the story more realistic how Wentworth did not automatically get back with her but instead explored his options, this shows he is not easily persuaded like Anne.

Part II:

Instead of sir Walter Elliot being a baronet, he is a famous- conceited movie actor living in Hollywood with three daughters. He is greedy so he spends all of his money without being smart and saving any of it which makes the Elliott's go bank rupted. Noone wanted to cast Elliot in any more of their movies because he got in an accident screwing up his face so bad not even makeup could fix it. Without a choice, In fall of 2008, they give up their huge estate in Beverly hills and have to move Detroit where walter’s dead wife’s family lives and are willing to let them squeeze in the house with them.

Anne, the middle daughter is still heartbroken from breaking off her engagement from wentworth eight years earlier because he was not wealthy enough for her families liking and could not get a roll in any movie which anne’s father had no sympathy for since he was a top actor. Anne did not want to break off the engagement but her step mother urged her too and she wanted to do what was right for her family.

When the elliots moved to Detroit, anne came across wentworth which is the last person she would expect. He was there trying to be a backup dancer in Eminem’s new music video and did not want anything to do with Ann because of the hurt feeling he still possessed from 2000. In efforts to get him back, Anne signed up to audition for the music video so she could have an exscuse to be around him – she really did not want to lose him again. At the auditions, He flirted with all the other girls right infront of anne, he was still very biter.

Anne’s sister was married to a man named Charles and his younger sister Louisa was getting married to a man named Benwick. He was one of wentworths distant friends and saw the news in the newspaper the night after the audition. This prompted wentworth’s sentimental text to anne confessing that his love for her still does exist. In the end, wentworth got to be a backup dancer in eminem’s hit single “lose yourself” kicking off his career of dancing. He threw his old love of acting aside and married Anne, the absolute love of his life.

Part III:

Description: Anne is meek and very ordinary looking. She has brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles. Sometimes she wears glasses and she is often overlooked. She is quiet, reserved and humble. She sees stupidity in her fathers spending because she is so practical. She seeks to find love.

Main scene: when she sees went worth for the first time in 8 years in Detroit, she takes off her glasses and proceeds to go up and say something to him. He is very standoffish and distances himself from her, because he is still so hurt from her decision of breaking off the engagement.

1. Kristen Stewart

2. Dakota Johnson

Part IV:

Setting- autumn and winter because that’s the main seasons in the book, Hollywood with the elliots living in a huge mansion before they lose their money and have to move to the depressing city of Detroit.

Costumes- the story takes place in 2008 so the three sisters will be wearing juicy sweat suits and huge sunglasses. The dad will be wearing true religion jeans and Eminem will be wearing sagging clothes and a neck full of gold chains.

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