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How science unconventionally heals.

Nowadays, scientists are finding stranger, yet more brilliant ways of healing disability. People know they can grow their hair, and grow plants; however, some people aka scientists have discovered you can grow your own body parts!

Back in the day, when somebody was missing an ear, there were only really two options: Take a bone graft and carve an ear from your  rib cage and cover that sliver of rib with neo-organ (tissue engineered skin) or else have no ear at all. Science since has advanced with the creation of the 3D printer. The 3D printer allows doctors to skip the process of carving bone from the ribs because they can easily print out an ear mold for the neo-organ to grow onto. The cells grow more easily under pressure, so scientists use NASA's bioreactor to keep cells growing in a free fall. The lack of gravity helps cells to grow more naturally according to PBS science. The whole process of growing an ear takes about 12 weeks.

Unfortunately, nobody has received an artificial ear yet, because the FDA hasn't yet approved of them. Hopefully in the near future doctors will utilize this new technology.

Grow tomatoes. Grow corn. Grow Hair. Grow up. Grow EARS???
Print your heart out

In order for a clock to work, all the parts must work, right? When a part of a clock doesn't work, what should one do? Well, replace it, of course! With the human body, if a part doesn't work, couldn't we do the same? Science has made replacing missing or non-functioning parts of the body pretty simple through the help of one new member of the medical family: The 3D printer. The 3D printer was originally designed to help design industry items such as pieces of clocks or parts of airplanes. Science has stepped things up with the printer, allowing it to be the creator of life.

3D printers can create joints, bones, ears, trachea, and yes, even organs. Scientists have been using the printer to help grow a much needed organ, the liver. Now how might one grow a liver? Umbilical cord cells+Liver cells= a brand spankin' new liver!  It is pretty difficult to explain how they do it, but they do! This TED talk will explain very clearly how they manage to do this! The liver is one of the most needed parts of the body. 1,500 people die every year, waiting for a liver. To find out about donating an organ please visit

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