The   land  of  the  wood  AND  WATER

The population of Jamaica is 2.715 million as of 2013. The major language the speak is English-African Creole known as the Jamaican Patois. Jamaica is an island located in North America (Americas). Kingston is the Capital of this beautiful place.


The Blue Mountain Peak, John Crow Mountains (plateau),  and Dry Harbour Mountain (plateau) the Major Landforms of Jamaica.  The largest cities are Kingston, New Kingston, and Spanish Town.  The Caribbean Sea, the Montego Bay, Port Royal, and the Portland Bight are the largest water ways in or by Jamaica.


The average yearly rainfall is 198 inches.  The average temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


Bob Marley was a very famous for his music. This dong in my opinion this song is one of his best songs. They like to eat frogs, snails, iguanas, cats, dogs and other kinds animals. Jamaica has Cristian holidays and Secular holidays. Cristian holidays include Easter Monday (April 1), Christmas Day (December 25), and Ash Wednesday. Secular holidays include Boxing Day (December 28), Labor Day (May 23), and Independence Day (August 6). Cricket, Association football, and Netball are the most popular sports in Jamaica.

Interesting Facts

In Jamaica there is a greater acceptance and understanding of homosexuality. Obeah or witchcraft is allowed there. Not to forget men who wear earrings are considered hot. Jamaicans are understanding when it comes down to pornography, rape, and incest. Fraud and embezzlement are also major taboos in Jamaica. You might be surprised to know that Marijuana is outlawed in Jamaica! In this country you are allowed to use many international cards such as the ones you use here. Also you're not required to use Jamaican currency. This island has 8 different kind of snakes but none of them are venomous. There's high level of crimes, and is home of Bob Marley.

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