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1.Introduction                                                                                                                                             2. Choosing a dog                                                                                                                                       3.dogs can help                                                                                                                                              4.dogs are fun


Do you have a dog or would like to have a dog?There are many kinds of dogs. If you want to have one you will need to make sure that is the perfect dog for you.It all depends on the kind of dog you want.At the end of this book you will know more about dogs.

Choosing a dog

If you want a dog you must choose the perfect dog.If you want a family dog you could choose the labrador  retriver or the great dane. It´s  better to  buy them in a breeder  then you can play with them and see if they´re healthy.Make sure that your new dog has a bowl ,bed a collar and some chew toys.

It is very important that your new dog gets a good training  runs and plays don´t forget it .

Dogs can help

Search and rescue dogs can be very helpful.They sniff to find  people that are trapped or lost.Dogs are very inteligent .They can learn to count chase and bring the ball.

some other dogs help people  that are deaf that dogs are called asistent dogs


Dogs are very fun  will you like to play with a dog ,I would like to play with a dog I love dogs ,dogs are good friends and loyal pets. One of the most popular games  to play with a dog is chase the ball or the stick but you can play whatever game you want,you can even play hide and seek  first you need  to teach your dog to count or hide  but if you prefer to only count or hide you choose.


Dogs are very good pets and they can be very good company they can rescue people and be fun they are a very good pet I hope that  you learn.



to pick something


like a buddy.  

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