5 Things You Should Keep Out of
The Bedroom

Our bedroom is our sanctuary. This is the place where you have to be at peace without anything disturbing you. Unfortunately, nowadays there are so many things we bring in the bedroom that shouldn't be there.

1. Electrics

First and foremost – mobile phones, laptops, TVs. Of course, who doesn't have a TV in every room of the house? But getting rid of these items will help you fall asleep faster and easier. Watching this big screen with a million colours right before you go to bed? This doesn't even sound right. If you love watching movies and shows then try doing that in the living room. Let the bedroom be your relax zone.

2. Pets

Yes, we all love animals and when they are our doggies and kittens. According to a research pet owners wake up at least once in the middle of the night because of their pets. Especially if you have a dog. Kitten are quiet and calm but doggies want to play, they bark and are as a whole louder than cats. The second reason is of course hygiene. No matter how strict you are and how often you bathe your pets they are still full of bacteria.

3. Clutter

Who in the world enjoys disorder? Many experts say that yes, clutter shouldn't have a place in your bedroom. Trying to get in bed while jumping over piles of clothes is surely not pleasant. And it also doesn't help calm your mind. Going to bed in an organized bedroom will give you a sense of calmness instead of keeping your mind up all night.

4. Kids

If you have a child you know what I mean. Yes, sleeping with your child is definitely a blessing but let's not forget that there is a children's room for this purpose. If you have a baby it is actually dangerous to sleep together. So try to sleep separately and you will be able to get your rest.

5. Bright light

Yes, you heard it right. I understand you can't literally take down the lights at night and install them again in the morning. But if you can, dim the lights. Make sure your bedroom has a calmer atmosphere. If there is a street light that gets in the way of your rest, place blackout curtains.

These seem like small changes, but your rest and sleep are the most important. You can also read these tips on how to fall asleep faster and wake up easier in the morning.

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