Modern Technology

Is Technology affecting us?
Brian Llamas
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Technology plays a big role in today's modern society. Technology is advancing everyday as we continue to discover many new ways to affect us in both a positive and negative way. One of the technological advances is the ability to be able to track and locate someone with their phone. This is something that parents would definitely benefit from but is it the right thing to do? Another issue occurring is that your kids can be open to sexual predators. They can manage to locate kids with their phones as well. For parents, it has become very useful because some kids cannot be trusted. With this ability, they can make sure their kids are where they say and can communicate easier. Some people may say it is invasion of privacy. Others may disagree.


Sociological Theories

Structural Function - The purpose of technology is to be able to help us and make life easier. It creates short cuts so we can finish our jobs faster and also provides entertainment

The purpose of the GPS is to be able to locate someone. You can easily located a person as long as they have their phone. You can even find your phone in case you lose it.

The purpose of all this is to try and keep us safer from harm. There are many things that can harm us, especially other people.

Social Conflict - It is inequality because not everyone has a phone. They do not have access to a phone therefore cannot use this ability. It depends on the persons' financial state.

It is also treating the kids unequal to parents and adults. From kids perspective, many of them would say it is invasion of privacy. Many parents would be using the GPS system to locate their kids. Therefore it would be treating them unequal.

Symbolic Interaction - Some parents believe that they are not crossing the line into invasion of privacy.

"It’s up to parents and families to decide which resources they feel are necessary"


Manifest Function - They intended to make the GPS for the same reason to be able to locate someone.

Latent Function - They didnt intend for other people to use it as a way to locate children as in a child predator.

Psychology - It looks at the individual's point of view of the situation and how they react to it.

Sociology - It looks at how a group of people react to it and how they behave with it around.

Technology - The advancement of technology lead to be able to use certain abilities like being able to locate someone or something easier.

Personal Rection

My personal reaction of this topic may be different from other people. I like being able to use this function of being able to track someone. I have many family members and siblings that i have to watch over and take care of. This function really makes my job easier because i can easily pull out my phone and make sure they are where they should be. Technology has made communication much easier and faster. I like how much technology have advanced and hope it leads to many more inventions.

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