US Army Fort Hood murder-suicide

Soldier kills three

A soldier shot dead 3 colleagues and injured 16 others at the US Army's Fort Hood base in Texas on April 2, 2014. The shooter killed himself after. The shooter named Ivan Lopez is 34 years old who had served in Iraq. He had mental health problems. The general said there was no known motive for the shooting.A gun rampage at the same base in 2009 left 13 soldiers dead and 32 wounded.

Ivan Lopez

Ivan Lopez had an argument over a request for leave shortly before the shooting incident. He was denied leave to attend to family matters, officials speaking on condition of anonymity told US media. The soldier's father said on Friday he "could not have been in his right frame of mind" during the attack. After the argument, he walked into one of the buildings of the Fort Hood base and opened fire with a .45-calibre semi-automatic pistol.

Why is this happening?

I think one of the biggest reason is that Ivan Lopez had mental health problems. The argument before the shooting is the blasting fuse of the tragedy. The soldiers have been in war and protecting people. They have too much pressure on themselves. Most of the tragedies happens because of the pressure of the killer. After this incident, there are many people affected. The biggest sufferer is the family of the soldiers. The family has been worried about the soldiers for their safety. This is heartbroken when killing happens inside the army base.

By Andy Huang

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